AIA Special Dinner at The Landmark, London – Event Photography

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AIA hosted a special dinner at The Landmark, London. Cameo Photography were commissioned to capture the event in the unobtrusive manner we typically use for corporate events, however we were also asked to organise group shots and make use of a 007 themed interactive photography set. The event was superbly organised, with a casino setup which went down a treat… it’s just as well, as many of those in attendance had been flown over from Tailand specially for the occasion! Our biggest challenge was the lighting, as the whole room was cast in a brilliant red and gold – and we wanted to do justice to the atmosphere without casting a strange colour over the guests in the group shots. With a little work in post production along with careful lighting, we got the balance just right – capturing the ambience beautifully.

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CameoAIA Special Dinner at The Landmark, London – Event Photography

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