Garanti Bank Signing – at the Four Seasons Park Lane

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We have attended many signing ceremonies for Garanti Bank, who traditionally host the event at a different one of London’s most exclusive 5star hotels each time. This time the signing was hosted at the Four Seasons hotel Park Lane, who laid on a lavish affair with a mouth watering menu including; “Heritage baby beetroot, Perroche Goat’s Chesse, Pear & Frosted Walnut salad” and “Wild cornish seabass fillet with parsnip purée, pied de mouton and verjuice butter sauce”. Reading the tempo of the event was key, as it rapidly shifts between candid shots where you avoid causing any distraction – and key moments where we are called upon to quickly organise photos of the ceremony, handshakes and group shots.

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CameoGaranti Bank Signing – at the Four Seasons Park Lane

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