The Wellness Awards-6

The Wellness Awards – Pure Package – BAFTA

It was a pleasure providing photographic coverage of The Pure Package Wellness Awards at BAFTA. This annual event provides recognition to the amazing individuals that carve the path for wellness advancements in the UK.

You can find more details on the nutrition business, Pure Package on their website: 


We loved witnessing the smiling faces and happy recipients during this wonderful event, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

Wellness Awards-3

Wellness Awards-4

Wellness Awards-5

Wellness Awards-6

Wellness Awards-7

Wellness Awards-8

Wellness Awards-9

Wellness Awards-10

Wellness Awards-11

Wellness Awards-12

Wellness Awards-13

Wellness Awards-14

Wellness Awards-15

Wellness Awards-16

Wellness Awards-17

Wellness Awards-18

Wellness Awards-19

Wellness Awards-20

Wellness Awards-21

Wellness Awards-22

Wellness Awards-23

Wellness Awards-24

Wellness Awards-25

Wellness Awards-26

Wellness Awards-27

Wellness Awards-28

Wellness Awards-29

Wellness Awards-30

Wellness Awards-31

Wellness Awards-32

Wellness Awards-33

Wellness Awards-34

Wellness Awards-35

Wellness Awards-36

Wellness Awards-37

Wellness Awards-38

Wellness Awards-39

Wellness Awards-40

Wellness Awards-41

Wellness Awards-42

Wellness Awards-43

Wellness Awards-44

Wellness Awards-45

Wellness Awards-46

Wellness Awards-47

Wellness Awards-48

Wellness Awards-49

Wellness Awards-50

Wellness Awards-51

Wellness Awards-52

Wellness Awards-53

Wellness Awards-54

Wellness Awards-55

Wellness Awards-56

Wellness Awards-57

Wellness Awards-58

Wellness Awards-59

Wellness Awards-60

Wellness Awards-61

Wellness Awards-62

Wellness Awards-63

Wellness Awards-64

Wellness Awards-65

Wellness Awards-66

Wellness Awards-67

Wellness Awards-68

Wellness Awards-69

Wellness Awards-70

Wellness Awards-71

Wellness Awards-72

Wellness Awards-73

Wellness Awards-74

Wellness Awards-75

Wellness Awards-76


CameoThe Wellness Awards – Pure Package – BAFTA

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