Wine Tasting – Justerini & Brooks – Event Photography

For more than 260 years, Justerini & Brooks haswine-tasting-photography-london-1 wine-tasting-photography-london-2 wine-tasting-photography-london-3 wine-tasting-photography-london-4 wine-tasting-photography-london-5 wine-tasting-photography-london-6 wine-tasting-photography-london-7 wine-tasting-photography-london-8 wine-tasting-photography-london-9 wine-tasting-photography-london-10 wine-tasting-photography-london-11 wine-tasting-photography-london-12 wine-tasting-photography-london-13 wine-tasting-photography-london-14 wine-tasting-photography-london-15 wine-tasting-photography-london-16 wine-tasting-photography-london-17 wine-tasting-photography-london-18 wine-tasting-photography-london-19 wine-tasting-photography-london-20 looked after the needs of the discerning collector looking for quality wine, expertise and personal service. It was our pleasure to photograph a wine tasting they hosted at St James Street, and we thoroughly enjoyed capturing all in attendance as they swirled, sniffed and sipped an incredible range of fine wines. The setting for the tasting was wonderfully picturesque; set within a traditional wine cellar, storage cases, sloping ceilings and overall the perfect atmosphere for the occasion.


CameoWine Tasting – Justerini & Brooks – Event Photography

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